Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everlasting Games // The Beta Feed

Something that hasn't really been publicly discussed until now is the beta list/getting on the beta list. For the most part, I've kept my beta testers limited to my friends and well-rounded developer, but now I'm giving you all the opportunity to join the beta feed. Oh- I haven't even told you all what it is yet... ><

The beta feed will be occasional updates and messages filling you in on our progress on our latest games. We'll provide early art/music as well as the earliest alpha versions of the game for you to try out. Since we have some pretty cool projects planned such as color fever 2 and color fever TD, you may want to get on the beta feed. :)

To get on the beta feed, all what you need to do is donate any amount of kreds to our games (Only Color Fever atm). We really do need the money for the making of our games, so it's appreciated greatly. You also won't be disappointed. ^__^

The first beta feed messages will probably be sent once Sky Idle is mostly functional- so send your kreds in now!

Summary of The Beta Feed:
- Receive early samples of art and music from our games
- Test out our games as early as alpha
- Join a tight-knit community of fellow testers
- Help improve our games/Review our games
- Be mentioned in the credits of our games!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sky Idle // Our Next Project

We spent a bit of time deciding on what game we would dedicate time to next, and we decided on an idle game concept similar to the Idle Sky series. In sum, it's going to be pixel-art graphics, and the main view being the horizon and sky. It'll cycle through the entire day, and certain things will appear in the sky at certain times. There will be awards, so don't worry, your idling will not go unnoticed. :P

Here's some of the art just to give you guys an idea of what we're doing:

I believe that's enough for now- Don't wanna spoil the surprise!

And yes, a lot of the art is borrowed from other popular pixel-art games such as I wish I were the Moon, and The Majesty of Colors. :)